Our Approach

Customer centered solutions is our approach. I have learned over the years not every customer wants  or needs the same thing so flexibility is a must. I love using my car analogy for a IT solution you need to get from point A at to point B in a car. It's my job as your IT consultant to help you decided weather you need a Ford type IT solution or you need a Ferrari type IT solution.

Our Story

I have stood on both sides of the IT consulting fence both as the IT consultant and as the customer. I have fired so many terrible IT consultants I have lost count and these are often very qualified consultants too. Remembering back when I was an IT consultant was when I ultimately decided to go into business as an IT consultant because I knew there was a better way to get things done finding the perfect between IT and consulting. Because often you get well qualified IT consultants that don't listen to their customers needs and push a solution that they know. We will find solution that meets your need even if that means going outside our comfort zone and finding something new that fits your needs perfectly.

Meet the Team

Here at Wright Consulting we have a varying array that brings the skills and life experiences necessary not only to be your IT guy but to the you IT Consultant. Someone who looks out for your needs as opposed to what ever the product of the day is.

Michael Wright

Over 15 years experience in the IT industry working on all size networks ranging from consumer networks with only a hand full of devices all the way up to fortune 500's with hundreds or even thousands of employees.

Senior IT Consultant & Founder

Courtney Wright

Started off in life as a Preschool Teacher but ended spending years working in office and project management. With this unique bouquet of skills gathered form very different industries it truly brings a very unique approach to running both the business as CEO of Wright Consulting and our Senior Project Manager. She keeps us all in line and running like a well oiled machine.

Senior Project Manager, Founder, CEO